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Goji Berry

Lycium barbarum


Goji berry can be easily grown in your backyard. In fact, it can grow really fast and the roots can go everywhere

“Goji berry has been regarded in history as having the ability to rejuvenate organ functions and promote anti-aging”

Below are uses and cautions about Goji berry

Goji Berry Uses

- can improve several illnesses

- potent anti-oxidant

- anti-aging effects

- good for problems of the eye (e.g. cataract, glaucoma), liver, and kidneys

- ability to hold vital essence "chi"

- promote immune system

- promote quality of egg and sperm production

- higher Beta-carotenes than carrots

- higher Vitamin C content than oranges (500x)

- contains Vitamin B1, B6, and Vitamin E

- anti-inflammatory

- good for cardiovascular system

- anti-cancer

- neuro-protective


None. Except eating too many berries can have loose stools as it contains ample fiber

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