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"EarlyBirds" Group Fitness

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About this Class


I am a Physician, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Personal Trainer. With my knowledge of health and fitness, I wish to encourage people to exercise daily, and promote longevity. Exercise has been shown to be the best natural solution for many illnesses, including depression, diabetes, and many more. When we wake up in the morning, our cortisol (stress hormone) is at its highest level. During the early mornings, it is not advised to do strenuous exercises, such as weight lifting, which can raise cortisol to a higher level and have a cortisol "crash" afterwards. Also, weight training in the morning can possibly injure joints and discs in the spine, as they are fully filled with water after a long time of sleep lying down. As a result, it is best to do easy cardiovascular exercises in the morning. Not to mention, new oxygen is released by trees and it would be best our lungs inhale fresh oxygen in the morning. This class will incorporate gentle stretching, easy cardio for warm up, some body weight exercises (e.g. squats, push-ups), and a nice stretch to warm down along with breathing techniques. This class is outdoors, rain or shine, as we aim to inhale morning fresh oxygen. Class is 1hour, free of charge, and we meet MWF at 6am at the parking lot of Hillcrest Community Centre. We might go to QE Park as well. Class ends at 7am and everyone can go home, shower, eat breakfast, and get ready to focus on their day. Please come prepared for the weather. 

Outdoor Yoga
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