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Class Philosophy

(#1)      This class emphasizes on having fun, making friends through martial arts, and together practice techniques that are REALISTIC for self defense. We do not focus on "Sport" martial arts. In this class, participants will learn an array of techniques from different styles of martial arts. As the "organizer"I am not a master/ Sensei/ expert in any styles. I encourage learning/ growing together with my classmates. I believe having a mixture of knowledge from different fields, would be  more useful in real life, than being an expert strictly in one field. This would be analogous to carrying a "Swiss army knife" where the chances of using that tool is more often/likely, versus carrying a "hammer" which can only be used in one circumstance. I will provide new materials to be practiced between classmates, EVERY SINGLE CLASS. However, there will be no focus on ground martial arts (as this class is outdoors), and no weapon trainings. Class will also often practice realistic situations such as "multiple attackers", "fighting in confined space" (e.g. elevator), and "awkward situations" (e.g. sitting beside your attacker/ mass causalities). There will be no "rankings/belts" in this class as no universal standard across nation is set for any martial arts- it is all subjective by each teacher. A black belt from one school might be a novice in another school. Belts don't mean anything. I promote internal desire to seek knowledge and learning continuously, and if you are after belts, medals, and trophies, this class is not for you. As a result of not having deep expertise in one single field, if one desires to thrive further in Karate, Wrestling, or any specific martial art, it is encouraged that classmate pursue his/her desires for continual learning and happiness.


(#2)      Individual focused training: Everyone is built differently. Individuals vary not only mentally, but physically such as joint range of motion, flexibility, balance, proprioception, etc. Training in this class will not be forced upon on everyone equally. An example would be if a female is more flexible with her legs but lacks upper body strength, she might be better using her legs as self defense weapons. Encouragement would be given for her to focus on excelling her legs (her forte), but still be mindful to improve her flaws (upper body strength).   



(#3)      Mind Cultivation:  MOST martial art schools boast they teach some sort of mind-body control, discipline, and learning what's right/wrong. However, in reality most of them only teach techniques. The result is societal increase in bullies who use martial techniques to hurt others. Training the mind (e.g. mood control), is just as important as training the body. This class will promote mind body awareness through "group talks", breathing techniques (Chi Gong), meditation, visualization, self-talk, sports psychology methods, etc. Coaching and counselling techniques will be conducted in class as well. This would usually be done at the end of the classes as part of "warm down" 

Class Rules:


Sparring/ Randori is often where practitioners get hurt. This class will focus on drills and develop muscle memory bilaterally, while doing drills on timing, speed, and power, to perform techniques perfectly when needed


It is our primary objective to walk away from any  situations and never be involved in any fights if possible. "For any action there is an equal reaction" and fighting can hurt 


Practitioners must have respect for others' head and neck areas when practicing drills. Power should not be applied. Brain health and longevity is crucial to everyone's wellbeing


With rise of violence in media and sports, it is crucial to shy away from these images and keep mind/mood calm. But keep practice our self defense techniques for protection


Normal degree range of motion for each joint (e.g. shoulder) will be presented before skill demonstrations. Techniques must be performed within normal range of motion


On top of doing best to not hurt fellow classmates, practitioners must acquire the attitude to stay humble and continue self improvement and learning. Psyche determines actions

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