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About Dr. Kevin Lai 


Hi! I am a holistic doctor with credentials and years of experience in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation, Personal Training, Nutrition. My treatment approaches focus on using remedies that are already found in foods/nature (God given). I currently practice in several clinics in the Greater Vancouver area. Life is short and we should do the things we enjoy. As a result, I have created this site dedicated as an outlet that focuses on my personal interests. In this place you will find my blogs about anything I feel like discussing, but most of the time the blog topics will be related to health and wellness. Some of the things I express are my own opinions, and I embrace anyone willing to share their own two-cents. This page also has an "online shop" where quality health products that can help with ailments, or anything I feel like selling, will be displayed. Lastly, information about my own self-defense classes can be found on this site. I hope you enjoy browsing my little personal retreat here. Have a wonderful day : )  

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